Terms and Conditions

This is a games subscription service provided by Playmaniax Ltd. The first 24hrs are free, after the free period you will be charged £4.50 every week(*see below) and your subscription will be renewed automatically. These charges will be due from your pre-pay balance 24 hours after the start of your subscription and weekly thereafter or added to your monthly mobile bill for this phone. You can unsubscribe from the service by sending STOP PLAYMANIAX to 60082 or by visiting here: Unsubscribe. Operator data charges may apply as per your plan. By signing up for and/or using the service you acknowledge and confirm that you have read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, that you are a resident of the United Kingdom, you are 18 years or older and are the mobile account holder or you have consent from the mobile account holder. If you cancel the subscription within 14 days of the date of subscription you are entitled to a refund of sums paid pursuant to s.37 of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. Help desk email: uk@playmaniax.com. Help contact number: 0800 1512392.


This Website is HTML5 content service site operated by Mobile Minded GMBH ("Site Operator"). Please carefully read and understand the Privacy Policy prior to accessing the service that PlayManiax.com ("PM") offers.

PM enables the Player to play unlimited HTMl5 games. The Site Operator expects he/she, and all other members of the Services, take responsibility in using the Internet with courtesy and responsibility, to become familiar with the site and to practice good Internet conduct.

By signing up to a paid subscription on PM, the member accepts this agreement by any legally recognizable means and hereby acknowledges that he/she will be irrevocably agreeing to all the terms, conditions, obligations, warranties, and other provisions set forth in this agreement.

The original text of the Terms and Conditions is in English and any interpretation of them will be based on the original English text. If the Terms of Use or any documents or notices related to them are translated into any other language, the original English version will prevail. Eligibility

In order to use the PM content, members must be at least eighteen (18) years old. Consumer hereby warrants and represents that he/she is at least eighteen (18) years of age and has the legal capacity to enter into agreements of this nature.


Members must not provide false information. Accounts are non-transferable.

When members sign up, the phone number used for the registration will automatically be used as the username. Therefore, please make sure that the right phone number is typed in correctly. The welcome text message will also be sent to this phone number. In most cases, the member shall be liable for all activities that are undertaken using their account. Any misuse of the account may result in the member subsequently banned from participation on PM.

Each member is distinguished from other members by their phone mobile which used for the delivery of content.


If members choose to sign up for a paid subscription, the period will automatically be renewed upon expiration unless the subscription is cancelled.

As soon as members have signed up for a paid subscription, they will get full access to PM content as a Subscriber. The subscription starts automatically.

Weekly subscriptions will automatically be renewed upon expiration. If we receive the cancellation request after the renewal, the content links will remain active until the expire date of the current subscription period.

The Site Operator charges members for the weekly subscription fee and any applicable taxes and fees associated therewith, the day that the subscription is started until the member has cancelled the subscription correctly in accordance with the above conditions. When a person registers to become a member on PM they have to fill out information about the payment method such as the phone number that they want to use.

Members can cancel their subscription by emailing uk@playmaniax.com or texting STOP MANIAX to the shortcode 60082.

Subscription fees will be charged for one week at a time. PM will deactivate access to the service as soon as the subscription expires, or in the case of non-payment.

Refund policy

If your eligible for a refund has been made we will cancel your subscription automatically and you will therefore no longer have access to PM and his content.

Terms of use of the account

Members must take full responsibility of the equipment necessary to navigate on PM (e.g. computer, software, telecommunication systems etc.). Equivalently, the cost incurred by using said equipment lies with our members.

By uploading or typing content on PM if such feature is available for the member, he/she acknowledge that he/she are in possession of all rights or have collected consent from all rightful owners of the uploaded or typed content. In case PM suffers any loss in connection with a member having uploaded or typed in content to which he did not have the rights to, PM reserves the right to seek compensation for this loss from members.

Intellectual property

Copyright laws protect all rights to immaterial property of PM such as brands, copyrights, texts, pictures and logos. Members are not allowed to use these rights both directly and indirectly by copying, reproducing or using part of the site without prior written permission from PM, as this will constitute a breach of the mentioned rights. Actions that violate PM's immaterial rights will be counteracted with an injunction from the tribunal without warning.


PM reserves the right to delete/modify accounts, which have, according to the site, a behavior irreconcilable with its principles or with other members' interests. Members are only allowed to use PM for private use. It is thus strictly forbidden to use the site for professional, advertisement, and promotional or commercial purposes. It is also against the rules to use the site to spread content that could be construed as offensive to other members (based on race, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs).


PM reserves the right to exclude a member, without warning, in the following cases:

Service abuse

Violation of the current terms and conditions

Sharing information concerning other members' (telephone number, etc.)

Illegal behavior, non-ethical, irresponsible or any other behavior that could be construed as harassment towards other members

Accounts considered being fraudulent

General inacceptable behavior as defined by the site

Any content considered as a direct violation with the law as well as cases of harassment will be reported to the relevant authorities, including the IP address of the member, time of creation and any other necessary information.

Terms of Payment

Payment on PM can only be made via carriers connected to this service, such as: Orange, T-Mobile, EE.

The phone used must belong to the member, or the owner must have given the member permission to use the phone. In case of fraud regarding the phone used, PM cannot be held responsible. In case of dispute concerning the payment, members must immediately inform PM via customer service at uk@playmaniax.com

PM reserves the right to modify payment terms, prices as well as the content of offers and services. These changes take effect for all new members. If PM should change prices, existing customers will be notified 30 days prior to the change taking effect. All members that do not agree with this change must notify customer service or cancel their subscription within these 30 days.

Customer Service

All customers who send an email to uk@playmaniax.com will be responded to within 48 hours, unless public holidays might cause a delay.

Disruptions in Service

Occasionally there may be service disruptions that are beyond PM's control. In such cases, the delivery of content might not be possible. Delivery of content will resume once technical errors have been resolved. (*If you are subscribed before 03/08/2016, the pricepoint is GBP 2.99. After the 03/08/2016 the pricepoint is GBP 4.50)